Padre Antônio Tomás Avenue tunnel

  • Client: Secretaria Municipal de Infraestrutura (SEINF)
  • Status: Built
  • Built area: 1.25km

Projects under the TRANSFOR contract include improvements in urban mobility, drainage system, road safety, pedestrians walkways, replacement of road and sidewalk pavement, improvement of intersections using traffic calming principles, implementation of an exclusive bus lane for BRT, as well as its stations, sidewalk enlargement, creation of cycle lanes and footbridges, urban street lighting, road signs, installation of new urban furniture and landscaping. In order to prioritize public transportation and the express bus corridors, the expansion and requalification of bus terminals were included, as well as uneven intersections (trenches and viaducts).

Total numbers: 23,500m² of built area, 115,000m² of urbanized areas and 546,500m² of roads and sidewalks.

The main projects under this contract are the BR-116 bus corridor with 9.1km of exclusive bus lane, 12 stations and walkways, the Manuel Dias Branco Square, the BRT Corridor of Av Engenheiro Santana Junior with 1km of exclusive bus lane, the Padre Antônio Tomás Avenue tunnel, the Aguanambi Avenue corridor with 1.7km of exclusive bus lane and the metropolitan bus terminals of Messejana and Conjunto Ceará.

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