North Regional Hospital – Sobral / CE

  • Client: Governo do Estado do Ceará
  • Status: Built
  • Built area: 55,000.00m²

The North Regional Hospital (NRH) has a capacity of 300 beds for hospitalization.

The complex consists in several buildings that include: immediate care, surgical center, ICU and pediatric ICU, general hospitalization, psychiatric hospitalization, pediatric hospitalization and obstetric hospitalization; ambulatory, ambulatorial surgery center, image center, elective admission, administration, auditorium, classrooms, logistic, support (kitchen, canteen, changing rooms, workshops, pharmaceutical supply center, laboratories, laundry and morgue); sterilizing center, helipad and a support center for women’s reproductive health – consisting of: immediate care, ambulatory, obstetric surgical center, childbirth center, neonatal ICU and beds for ‘kangaroo-style’ skin-to-skin care.

The buildings are located in a 54,745m² plot, with total built area of 55,000m² and a landscaped and urbanized area of 30,138m².

Rua Canuto de Aguiar, 1401 C
Fortaleza, Ceará – Brasil

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