Maritime Passenger Terminal of Fortaleza

  • Client: Companhia Docas do Ceará
  • Status: Built
  • Built area: 12,620.00m²

The Maritime Passenger Terminal of FortalezaCeará has a total built area of 12,620sqm and an urbanized area of 132,670sqm, being operated by the National Water Transportation Agency.

The building has a capacity for up to 4,000 passengers, including a cultural space with an event hall and restaurants, embarking and disembarking hall, exhibition area, shops, stations for the National Agencies of Health and Farm Surveillance, a Federal Police station, luggage storage, administration, canopies, dressing rooms and other support areas.

The Maritime Terminal brings visibility to the city, adding value to the port area not only as a platform for transatlantic services, but also as a complex with great tourist potential. The project meets the criteria of sustainability displayed in the Normative Instruction nº 1 of the Ministry of Planning, Budget and Management and covers other international standards.

Rua Canuto de Aguiar, 1401 C
Fortaleza, Ceará – Brasil

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