The new unit of the Institute of Immunobiological Technology, Bio-manguinhos / Fiocruz, to be implemented in the Health Industrial Technology Hub (HITH), in the municipality of Eusébio, will occupy an area of approximately 225,000m².

This project will provide adequate infrastructure for two pharmaceutical plants, based on collaboration agreements and technology transfers established with foreign companies.

The original Masterplan, developed by a German company, was revised and adapted providing for the inclusion of support buildings, as well as new infrastructure.

The Technology Center for Vegetable Platforms (TCVP) is developed around a central set of buildings, formed by the ‘Spine’ building, two Laboratories, a Maintenance and Engineering building, an Administrative building, a Warehouse and Utilities Center and two Vegetable Platforms.

The utilities and leisure area, with a barbecue area, a gymnasium and sports courts, is located to the north of the complex.

The complex also has a 250-seat auditorium located on the ground floor of the Administrative building, a Restaurant with capacity to serve up to 600 meals per day, parking lots for visitors and employees and a large urbanized area.

This project is being developed meeting the criteria of the AQUA-HQE Environmental Certification.

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